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Long term disability insurance claims require prompt, specialized attention since an insurance company’s refusal to pay those benefits can have dramatic financial and quality of life impacts. Claims for disability benefits under plans or policies provided by an employer are usually governed by a federal law entitled the Employee Retirement Income Security Act which is commonly referred to as ERISA.

Unlike policies purchased directly by an individual which are governed by state law, ERISA claims have a completely distinct set of federal standards that apply. These types of claims require experience and expertise to maximize the client's recovery. Mr. Tower has assisted many clients in getting claim denials reversed, in some cases without having to file a lawsuit, and in others by way of settlement or judgment after filing a legal action. Jurisdiction for most long term disability claim lawsuits rests with the federal courts. Mr. Tower has extensive experience handling federal ERISA disability claim cases and is familiar with the procedural ins-and-outs of the federal court system.

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