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Established In 1987, Providing Top-Tier Legal Representation

Long-Term Disability Insurance Litigation

Long-term disability insurance claims require prompt, specialized attention since an insurance company's refusal to pay those benefits can have dramatic financial and quality of life impacts. Claims for disability benefits provided by an employer are usually governed by a federal law entitled the Employee Retirement Income Security Act which is commonly referred to as ERISA. Unlike policies purchased directly by an individual which are governed by state law, ERISA claims have a whole different set of federal standards that apply. These types of claims require experience and expertise to maximize the client's recovery. Mr. Tower has assisted many clients in getting claim denials reversed, in some cases without having to file a lawsuit and in others by way of settlement or judgment after filing a legal action.


Insurance Litigation

Mr. Tower represents clients who are having problems with pending claims or have had a claim denied by their insurance company. He handles cases involving coverage, breach of contract and bad faith claims arising out of all types of policies including homeowner’s, liability, long term care and disability insurance. He has successfully litigated a number of cases to favorable jury verdicts and has also handles appeals in the insurance arena.


Construction Defect Litigation

Mr. Tower represents clients who are having problems with their homes or other real property due to construction defects, including by way of example, soil movement, improper drainage, cracked slabs, water/moisture intrusion, roof leaks and other types of claims.


General Civil Litigation

Mr. Tower handles civil litigation matters involving insurance, construction defects, property damage, wildfire losses, personal injury, collections, breach of contract, business litigation, real estate non-disclosure as well as other types of civil actions. He represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants.


Personal Injury

Personal injuries impact clients on many levels due to the varied consequences of physical injuries and typically involve, in addition to medical problems, issues regarding insurance and medical liens that are often quite complex. Mr. Tower understands the total situation his personal injury clients face and diligently pursues all aspects of the claim/case to maximize his client's recovery.

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